Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sage book cover

I love Alto books. They are always getting me to paint space babes. How can you not love that?

This is a cover for a book called Sage: the power within. it was written by a new young Author named Stephanie Holder and its a super bad ass action adventure. it comes out in July this year so go buy it when its out!

I feel like this is one of the strongest pieces I've done. Loved working on it and loved the long deadline =) enjoy

The Bridge cover

This book cover was done for text publishing, for a story written by Jane Higgins, who won the Text prize!

Much like Highlander, there can be only one winner of the text prize. Per year. Basically the prize is that Text will publish an outstanding unpublished manuscript. What an awesome way to break into the industry. You can check out more info on the prize here.

It's a great story, and it comes out August 1st, so go and buy it and support an awesome new book.

here is the final desgined cover, by the charming and talented W.H. Chong

It was great fun working with Chong, but it was an unusual method for me. This is the first project I've done where i was provided with a rough.

I took the rough and ran with it, and ended up in some very different directions to the original sketch by Mr Chong.

to which they replied No thanks! so i did one much more in line the original sketch.

The Big Dry

(click to embiggen)

This is a book cover I did for little hare books for a story called The Big Dry. Its written by Tony Davis. I'll do another post when it hits shelves so you can go and buy it immediately.

The process for this cover was slightly different than what I am used to, because I didn’t actually get to read the story. What I got was a brief which outlined key points in the story, and from what I read it sounds completely awesome and I cannot wait to read it.

Below is a crop in so you can see the little dewds, as well as a couple of the roughs I’d sent to the publisher. They opted for a best of both worlds approach and asked that I combine the roughs.

I really loved doing this one, so please enjoy!

Book plates and new IA website

whoops been a little while since i've posted. Its only because i have been super busy working on the best projects EVER DRAWED. This is the first of 4 or 5 posts i'll make, right NOW.

This is a book plate and it was drawn for a famous writer named Lian Tanner. She is super famous and has loads of fame, BUT she hasnt forgotten the little people. Infact she is giving these away on her website for the low low price of FOR FREE. The idea is, she will sign this book plate for you, and you can stick it in the front of your copy of Museum of Thieves.

Free guys.


If you ask me thats a pretty good deal. go on over to her website, post in her comments section and she may send you one.


Oh yes and Illustrators Australia has updated thier website and it looks fancy but not too fancy. Go and have a look at all those great Aussie artists.